New album from Douglas E. Powell & The Rising Spirit

Great to hear Douglas E. Powell & The Rising Spirit have a new album coming out.

The press release says:

Overnight Low:

There’s a tale told in whispers of a traitor’s ghost doomed to make rope from the sand of an Atlantic beach. Every night his work is destroyed by a fire breathing black dog and the traitor must begin again. A morning’s hike from the traitor’s torment there is an old drover’s road lost in shadows of sentinel oaks. Then a bridge takes you over a fast running stream that catches the weak winter sun. Stop a while and watch the trout swimming against the flow. The path turns out into a small community where roots run deep but visitors are welcome. It is here that Douglas E Powell and the Rising Spirit have honed their craft.

Overnight Low is the Rising Spirit’s second album with Powell and the follow up to Good Men Get Lost At Sea (2015). The album was recorded over months of evening sessions at Saunton Road Studios. A fairly new venture in an unlikely location, the studio is thriving, even if the local pub is only just hanging on. Here the music, low conversation, tall stories and cherished folklore are as much a currency as the dull coins minted by a distant government. The interplay between Powell’s crafted words and Jason Pratt’s introspective melody creates the feeling of a session with old friends and absent friends remembered. This band of three have stepped back a little and made room for others to join them and warm themselves beside the fire.

Powell takes on folk themes and more personal preoccupations to inform his song writing. Stories are woven from the found threads of our fragmented culture and lyrics sparkle like lost jewels and discarded sweet wrappers high in a magpie’s nest.

Douglas E. Powell & The Rising Spirit

Douglas E. Powell is a UK based songwriter, lyricist and performer. A key figure on the South West UK music, he is a seasoned performer and a familiar face at summer festivals around the UK. Powell has also supported a variety of artists such as: Ben Ottewell from Gomez, Tom Hingley of the Inspiral Carpets and Peter Bruntnell. In collaboration with Keith Seatman and Belbury Poly the Broken Folk EP has been featured on 6 Music with plays from Gideon Coe and Stuart Maconie’s Freak Show.

Powell has two released albums as a solo artist: The Still and West and The Iron Coast. In 2015 Powell teamed up with the Rising Spirit to produce Good Men Get Lost At Sea. Overnight Low is their second album together.

Powell has a distinctive voice somewhere along the tradition of Bert Jansch, Richard Thompson and Bill Fay. His warmth and personal approach to song writing also bring to mind the work of classic artists from in the folk tradition from David Crosby to Billy Bragg. The Broken Folk project was released by Ghost Box is and altogether different spectre, recalling John Foxx or the electronic paths sometimes travelled by Robert Wyatt.

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