Braunton’s Big Borrow – this Saturday morning (5th July)! #SaveBrauntonLibrary

SAVE LIBRARY“Think of it as a ‘flash borrow’. Being able to walk to a local library and borrow an armful of books for free is a real privilege. We thought it would be fun to make the most of it before the consultation closes. We need to use it or lose it!”

Braunton’s Big Borrow this Saturday morning (5th July)!

It’s nearly the end of the library consultation that will see the future of libraries across Devon decided. Thanks to all the support for our campaign, we’ve had Braunton library reclassified as a larger Devon Centre – but its future is still far from certain.

We want to send Devon County Council one last message how much we love our library. We’re going to see how many books we can take out in one go and we want you to help us!

So we’re holding ‘Braunton’s Big Borrow’ at 10am this Saturday. Come and meet up outside the library to kick off the biggest morning of book borrowing that Braunton has ever seen. 

We want every member of Braunton library to max out their library card and scoop up an armful of books each. We’ll start with the very first shelf and see how many shelves we can empty. It’s your chance to show you love your library.

Not got a library card? Been meaning to get one? Now’s your chance. Register this week so you can take part on Saturday morning. 

Old, young, mums, dads, teenagers and children – Braunton’s Big Borrow is for all of us on Saturday morning to celebrate our library while we still can. 

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