Atlantic Array – No Way: a personal view

A personal view from the founders of this site Louise and Tim Kevan

Okay, so let’s talk about a controversial topic: the Atlantic Array. This site was set up by Louise and Tim Kevan as a community website and we want it to be a great resource for everyone either living or visiting the area. But one thing that we personally feel very strongly about but which we realise is a controversial and political topic is the proposed Atlantic Array Wind Farm to which we are strongly opposed. So let us be clear that this page is not a corporate view of the site as a whole and certainly doesn’t necessarily represent the view of other contributors but is instead a personal one from its founders. What’s more, if you are in favour of the development then we welcome open debate and you can contact us on about us publishing articles the other way.

Why are we opposed to the Atlantic Array?
We are against the proposed wind farm on the basis primarily of protecting Lundy Island and its beauty and wildlife and furthermore on the basis that we feel wind power hasn’t yet proved itself sufficiently to be taking such huge risks with our natural environment. You can read articles on the Array which have been published on here. We’ve also copied a couple below along with links to campaign groups specifically opposing the Array including this site and also the Facebook Group which we created Atlantic Array – No Way.

Campaign Groups Against the Atlantic Array

Slay the Array

Atlantic Array – No Way (Facebook Group)

Artists Against Windfarms

Atlantic Disarray

Parade Against the Atlantic Array!

Great to see so many people at the Parade against the Atlantic Array today organised by Steve Crowther and campaign group Slay the Array. Pictured below are their leaflets along with North Devon Conservative candidate Peter Heaton-Jones.



Time to register your view on the Atlantic Array!

You can now register your view on the Atlantic Array here. The deadline for registration is 16th September. Please forward this to as many people as possible. To get things started, I have just submitted the following objection.

I object for the following reasons.

1. Significant adverse impact on the visual landscape
I enjoy running both in the hills and along the coast and believe the wind farm would be visible from both which would very much spoil my enjoyment of the area. This is all the more so when it comes to Lundy Island which is one of the most beautiful and untouched places in the country and is a stunning haven for wildlife. It’s also one of the few places left that you can feel absolutely cut off from the rest of the world and can experience real peace – just as we did on our honeymoon there last year. The wind farm would blight Lundy’s horizon and destroy the tranquillity of the island, horribly affecting the views and having a terrible effect on one of this country’s few remaining wildernesses.

2. Cumulative impact with other developments
Worse still would be the cumulative effect it would have alongside the existing Fullabrook wind farm leaving an environment which looks as if it is devoted to attempting to harness the energy of wind rather than to promoting marine life, agriculture and preserving the precious wilderness which still remains in this country.

3. Damage to the local economy
Clearly when we live in an area so dominated by tourism and specifically tourism related to our beautiful natural environment, a dismantling of that environment is quite likely to have a serious effect. So, too, with the influx of people choosing to live here due very specifically to the beauty of the area. The wind farm could have long term effects on the community both financially as well as on their the more general standard of living.

4. Unacceptable level of noise
I am also concerned that both the building and also the functioning of such a large wind farm will create unacceptable levels of noise both for Lundy Island and also for the wildlife around the area. Certainly the turbines at Fullabrook sound terrible on a windy day.

5. Impact on wildlife
I am a member of both the Devon Wildlife Trust and the Devon Birdwatching and Preservation Society and am very concerned about the effect that the proposed wind farm could have on the enormously rich and diverse eco-system of wild animals, birds and plants in the area and particularly around Lundy Island.

6. Impact on heritage assets
As I’ve already mentioned I am very concerned about the impact that the proposed development would have very specifically on Lundy Island in addition to sites around North Devon more generally.

7. Viability of wind energy generally
I’m not sure if it’s explicitly a factor which can be taken into account but I’d also like to add that despite being in favour of alternative energy generally, I am concerned that our countryside is being slowly taken apart in the name of wind energy when I’m not actually sure that it’s yet proven itself technologically.